Lingerie For Little Girls

People may realize the effect media has upon women, but not the effect it has on little girls.  The articles on “Lingerie for Little Girls” and “Lost Girls of Sexualization” really caught my eye on our Women in Literature website.  I did not even realize it myself until I saw this article.  Whenever I would see magazine advertisements of girls modeling, I wouldn’t really think anything of it.  Normally if I were to see children modeling, they would be posed with a family or laughing carefree.  Even if they were posed in a serious or mature angle, I would not think it was weird or strange.  However, seeing girls pose for children’s lingerie advertisements was something different.  Their expressions of “come hither stares, arched backs, slightly parted lips or fingers playfully, suggestively around the mouth” suggest something more than just a picture of an innocent girl.   The need for markets to even produce lingerie for little girls is shocking.  Why would little girls need to be seen as sexy for their parents?  The article “Lingerie for Little Girls” made a good distinction between girls that like to dress up like their mothers and girls wearing lingerie.  There is a difference between girls wearing crooked makeup and over sized clothing compared to wearing lacy undergarments and having “bedroom hair.”  Image          It is yet another thing that is causing women to feel pressured to live up to this certain standard for our body image. To be exposed at such a young age to wear lingerie is damaging to what they think is important.  It will make them believe that in order to be pretty and sexy you need to look good in this lingerie.  Lingerie is basically used to make women feel sexy and feminine, something little girls don’t even need to feel.  It is really unnecessary to have little girls pose and be exposed in such a sexual way.





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